Schlagwort: Innovation Management

Die kreative Kraft der dritten Dimension

Kreativtechniken können helfen, Gruppenarbeit anzuregen und innovatives Denken zu fördern. Die Methode „LEGO® Serious Play®“ (kurz: LSP) arbeitet hierfür mit dreidimensionalen Modellen aus LEGO-Steinen. Sam (Yiheng Cen), der Innovationsberater bei TOM SPIKE, hat ein Gespräch mit Christoph Beck, Chefredakteur des Unternehmensmagazins „methodik“ der HelfRecht AG, geführt. Die ursprüngliche Länge des Interviews wurde zwecks Blogbeitrags abgekürzt.


What a Happy Meal can tell us about business model patterns

Happy Meal is sometimes more than just a happy meal, especially if the users (kids usually), customers (parents usually), the management (McDonald) and the product development team (the franchising restaurants) are happy about the results.

This time, a simple happy meal also make the cooperations partner (Schleich) and observers (I and readers of this article) happy because we can see the combination of different business model patterns behind.


3 Things for Innovation Management I learned from the game „Plants vs Zombies“

Plants vs Zombies“ („PvZ“ for short) is a tower defence ans strategy video game developed and originally published by PopCap Games in 2009 (acquired by EA in 2011).

My son happened to watch a video-introduction to the game and fell in love with it because of the adorable design of both plants and zombies (to mention, this game is 5 years older than he is).